FREE Job Hacks Cheat Sheet — Accelerate the pace at which you get that FIRST INTERVIEW

We did a survey of 300+ students and early-stage professionals — all immigrants looking for their first job, be internships, coops, or full-time work in the US.

We found that 75–78% of them struggle to get the FIRST INTERVIEW.

- How do I get that first interview?

- What are the biggest roadblocks?

- How do I jump through the online applications and grab the attention of the hiring team?

So we built a FREE Job Hacks Cheat Sheet e-book that can accelerate the pace at which you get that FIRST INTERVIEW.

With customized scripts, powerful tactics, and smart strategies, you will learn, grasp and most important APPLY all or most of these hacks.

Visit to download a copy now!! ⭕️👣

You can stay on top of your job finding process by interacting with TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project Community) on our social channels:

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Helping Immigrants Find Their Dream Jobs

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TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

Helping Immigrants Find Their Dream Jobs

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