Lessons from an Immigrant Data Leader Geeta Pyne — Chief Enterprise Architect @ Intuit

Understanding the team member, understanding which phase of the career they are in, and how one member synergizes with the rest of the others is crucial. We are hoping 1+1 > 2.

Narrow down what not to focus on and how not to solve everything, but the three things you can control and three things you absolutely should control at this point in your life.

Representation runs deeper than simply ensuring that different classes of people make up the team. It means to ensure that each and every person is given a voice to speak

What does it take to be an Immigrant Data Leader? What crucial steps and risks might lead to career jumps and to C-Suite roles? Head to our YouTube channel to learn more.

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Helping Immigrants Find Their Dream Jobs

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TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

Helping Immigrants Find Their Dream Jobs

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