Opportunities in Public Policy — Landscape as an Immigrant student?

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3 min readMar 4, 2021


What is a public policy degree?

A public policy degree is a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional degree that at its core is focused on problem-solving at a community, city, district, state, and national and international level. It is designed to equip students with the necessary tools required to identify, analyze and respond to public problems by influencing laws and policies at a local, state or federal, and sometimes multilateral (across nations) level.

What are the skills you learn that impact your job-finding process?

In order to understand ever-evolving, complex problems and to craft solutions across a range of areas of policymaking, business, and citizen levels students will learn a wide range of skills which include:

  • Development of research tools and methodologies in order to arrive at an evidence-based understanding of the problem.
  • Analyzing statistical and economic data to assess existing policies and design new ones.

Arriving at the core of the problem by cutting through masses of data that is streamlined into meaningful information informing high-quality decisions.

  • Effective communication and leadership.
  • Critical thinking and creativity.
  • Decision making.

What are the career opportunities after pursuing a public policy degree?

A wide array of options await in business, research, and development, governments, private sector, management consulting, NGOs, multilateral institutions, and entrepreneurship — depending on your skillset, interests, and experience.

Graduates can work across roles and organizations such as:

  • Policy/Data/Program analysts for local, state, or federal agencies.
  • Consultants in the public sector facing teams in management consulting companies like IBM, McKinsey, Deloitte, Bain, etc., or social impact consulting firms like Bridgespan, Social Impact, etc.
  • Business/Policy Strategists in public policy teams in the private sector companies such as Uber, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, Economist, Program and Partnership roles in non-profits or multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, Inter-American Bank, IFPRI, etc., or Universities.
  • Communication/Knowledge/Learning Analyst roles in non-profits, multilateral organizations, or universities.
  • Public Relations, Marketing, Project Management, and HR personnel in small or big firms.

By studying core business skills, public policy graduates can also work in fields like marketing, financial management, and human resources management or dive into entrepreneurship and start a company or organization of your own.

And that is not even the end of the list!

Ammara Shariq, who is the inspiration behind today’s blog post, is a Public Policy graduate from Carnegie Mellon University. She is presently a Project Manager at the World Bank in the open data and analytics team, where she transitioned into her present role even though she is from a non-technical background.

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The blog post was written by B.Bandhavya, the associate content creator at TIP. Bandhavya is a full-time Veterinarian doctor from Andhra Pradesh, a state in the south of India. Now that she has her graduate degree out of her way, she decided to invest her energy into rediscovering and cultivating interests that she had to put on a hold for long — writing, painting, traveling, exploring, and eating. She is currently obsessed with historical documentaries while she chills with her fur babies.



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