Interested in a Career in Robotics? Skills most valued in Robotics Industry

You will eventually work on projects with people who specialize in various niche branches and it is important to be able to communicate technical ideas while problem-solving.

Robots are designed to perform tasks that involve interacting with the physical world around them.

The electrical systems are what would obviously enable the transmission of electricity from the power source, such as a battery.

There need to be algorithms that allow a robot to process the noisy raw data that it receives from its various sensors such as cameras, LiDARs, Ultrasonic sensors, etc.

  1. Sensing
  2. Planning
  3. Control

A lot of the software involved in robotics requires a solid background in linear algebra, calculus, and geometry. Someone interested in writing software for robots might be interested in Computer Vision, Motion Planning, Machine Learning, and Optimal Controls.

What is it like to work in cutting-edge robotics companies? What courses and projects did Yash Manian take that led to a full-time offer? Head to our YouTube channel to learn more.

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TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

TIP Co. (The Immigrant Project)

Helping Immigrants Find Their Dream Jobs

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